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QM Soft AS was founded in 2001 and is specialised in tasks related to development and innovation around the topics Project & Quality Management. We work closely with public and private sectors and deliver positive and long lasting impact through our assignments. QM Soft stimulates both creative and reliable solutions that foster short and long term customer satisfaction. 

We are focused on state of the art technologies and tools that foster new technological developments within products and services. We cooperate with relevant institutes and companies with the intention to meet a variety of challenges and create a winning team collaboration with our partners.

QM Soft AS scope of work covers the following:

  • Industry development for offshore and onshore mechanical industry

  • Outsourcing and insourcing

  • Development of new pedagogical methodologies and training techniques for both theoretical and practical training in close cooperation with experienced training staff at different technological levels for private and public institutions.

  • Creation and implementation of e-learning courses, use of Visual Communication and Digital Collaboration tools,  focused at just-in-time training activities.

  • Development of VET courses at different levels with work-based learning

  • Focusing on adaptation of Learning Design (LD) principles, Recognition of Prior learning (RPL), Work Based Learning and mentoring and Group based learning utilising novel tools.

  • Development of international consortium for implementing international projects.

  • Development of national and international project proposals and project consortiums 

  • QHSE Consultancy - company certification, audits, course delivery

  • Quality Risk Management

  • Document Handling 

Erik Engh 
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